Grow with the Flo
Grow with the Flo
Grow with the Flo
En tant qu’acteur et improvisateur, j’ai acqui et appliqué beaucoup de compétences qui peuvent s’appliquer à tout le monde. J’ai ainsi développé une série d’ateliers qui utilise ces compétences pour votre organisme. J’offre ces ateliers en Français et/ou Anglais.
Finding the Fun

To be honest, in our daily activities, we could probably laugh a lot more don’t we? This workshop is about having fun, bringing teams or strangers together and creating amazing memories that will have inside jokes going on for weeks after it is over. The benefit? It is the best way to get people to work together, get to know each other, overcome conflicts while bonding, and having fun.

From Difficult to Easy Conversations

Whether it is with customers or other people we work with, it is almost inevitable to have friction or misunderstandings. It is normal, but how can we overcome them to offer superior customer service and amazing team communication? In this fun role-playing focused workshop, we will walk through the common situations in your organization by giving participants the tools they need to overcome those difficult conversations. Through practice and tailored coaching, we will find and defuse the challenges to make sure that every conversation ends up with a positive outcome.

Mission: Team Building

How does a team become a team? How do you get your team members to share common, meaningful, and fun memories? Shared experiences are what bring people together, create these inside jokes, and build the core of a team. And that’s what this unique workshop will provide through strategic improv and role-playing. Each game or scene will focus on different skills that are relevant to everyday work: Communication, proposing/accepting ideas, building trust, story-telling and more. Your team will work together to create memories that will form the foundation for strong team communication and teamwork.

English as a Fun Language

Lost in translation? How hard is it to express ourselves in a language that is not the one we grew up speaking? Especially trying to be funny and make jokes (not at our expense). This workshop will develop skills used by professional actors and comedians to build confidence, providing tools for the learners that can be used in their everyday life, professionally and personally.

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