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Grow with the Flo
Grow with the Flo
As an actor and an improviser, I learned many skills that apply to any path of life. I developed a series of workshops using those skills for your organizations. I offer those workshops both in English and French. Please contact me if you have any inquiries.
Practice your difficult conversations with roleplays

Some conversation can be very difficult. Whether it is with clients, team members or other stakeholders, they can be a source of stress and may impact results. This is why I offer some coaching sessions and practice through roleplay to feel more comfortable having those conversations. Based on realistic and specific scenarios, professional actors and coaches will offer a realistic simulation in a safe environment, where your team members can practice, take risks, and receive positive and constructive feedback to improve their conversational skills.

Improve your communication skills

Good communication can make a difference. We know that; but how can we improve our communications skills? Within our team, with our clients or for a pitch for example? This catered to your needs workshop will give a chance to learn techniques used by professional comedians and implement some practical and actionable tips in their work every day.

Improv X Team Building

How does a team become a team? How do you get your team members to share common, meaningful, and fun memories? Shared experiences are what bring people together, create inside jokes, and build the core of a team. And that’s what this unique workshop will provide through strategic improv games. The workshop will focus on different skills that are relevant to everyday work: communication, proposing/accepting ideas, building trust, storytelling and more. Your team will work together to create memories that will form the foundation for strong team communication and collaboration. Also available is the option to book an improv show with audience participation. We also offer the opportunity to write scenes specific to your company and reality. A great way to create long lasting memories and have fun together as a team

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